Herrie is the console music player I used after MOCP (music player on console) didn't work for a while. I would call it an alternative, but it's not as convenient as MOCP.

I used Herrie for a while and I have to say: It's OK when you can't use MOCP.

But MOCP is for me still the music player you have to use on the console. Properly configured (which is not that hard), it's

  • quick
  • functional
  • highly configurable.

Yes, it looks weird - but so do people running around with headsets and still speaking into their phones while holding them in their hands. So go and argue somewhere else.


Switching from 32Bit to 64Bit (it happened a while ago) didn't only speed up things. It also made my favourite Music player useless, since it's not running under 32Bit. Therefore I needed an alternative. So fare it seems I'm getting pretty along with herrie.

Note: In the meantime I found some 64 Bit mocp binaries for Fedora and they work.


  • J - Jump to a specific time stamp, alternatively you can enter durations like '+5' or '-5' to jump five seconds forward or backwards.


  • Jumping between directories with short-cuts not implemented.

Program: MOCP

Delete file from file-system

This function I was missing for a long time. When listening to music and an annoying song appears - one key stroke it goes into nirvana. Never comes back again. Just don't put it on some key you accidentally hit often enough.

  • Key F9
Config (`~/.mocp/config`):

    ExecuteCommand9 = "rm %f"

Log all played files

For now I found one:

I wrote a simple PERL script that is triggered by the music player every time he starts a song. The output is written into a CSV-logfile. Because I was just on the run I also added the functionality to output the files into a new playlist. Could become handy if I run into a new session of "Lets-Listen-to-old-music" and want to see what has been played afterwards.