Key commands


Key Description
f Fullscreen.
<SHIFT>+# Switch audio channel.
( ) Left, right audio channel.
s Take screenshot.
<CTRL>+t Toggle stay-on-top. Play video on top of other windows.
j Cycle through the available subtitles.
<RIGHT> Next 10 seconds.
<LEFT> Previous 10 seconds.
<UP> Next minute.
<DOWN> Previous minute.
<PGUP> Next chapter.
<PGDWN> Previous chapter.
<SHIFT>+i Show full spec of video. e.g. A/V framerate, filesize, resolution, etc

Play video fullscreen

mpv --fs videofile.avi

Play video in force stereo|mono

mpv --audio-channels=stereo|mono

Play video at 70% of the volume

mpv --volume=70 videofile.avi

Play video at specific time

mpv --start=00:01:03 --end=00:02:01 videofile.avi

Play video at 50% of your screen size

mpv --autofit=50% videofile.avi

Repeat / Loop video

mpv --loop=4 videofile.avi
mpv --loop=inf videofile.avi

Show runtime by default

mpv --osd-level=2 videofile.avi
# Or, put osd-level=2 in ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf.
# Level 3 will show total video length.

Find and play videos


mpv -playlist <(find "$PWD" -type f)
# $PWD is required. Otherwise, it'll append relative path to the file descriptor's location.
#   e.g: "/dev/fd/./path/to/video-file.avi", which would fail to open.

Play devices

mpv dvd://1     --dvd-device=/dev/sr0/or/iso/
mpv dvdnav://2  --dvd-device=/dev/sr0/or/iso/
mpv bd://       --bluray-device=/path/to/bd/
mpv cdda://     --cdrom-device=/path/to/bd/


```bash  mpv av://v4l2:/dev/video0

### Extract video file at a specific time

mpv videofile.avi -o excerptvideo.avi --start=00:01:00 --end=00:03:35

Extract audio from video file

mpv videofile.avi -o audiofile.mp3 --no-video

Extract audio from video file at a specific time

mpv videofile.avi -o audiofile.mp3 --no-video --start=00:01:00 --end=00:03:35

Extract audio from video file at a specific time for a relative length

mpv videofile.avi -o audiofile.mp3 --no-video --start=0 --length=10

Take screenshot a specific time.(--no-terminal: turn off output)

mpv videofile.avi --no-audio --vo=image --start=2% --frames=1 -o output.jpg



cat /etc/mpv/encoding-profiles.conf  # All preset profiles.
mpv infile -o outfile.avi --vf=fps=25 -ovc mpeg4   -ovcopts qscale=4                              -oac libmp3lame -oacopts ab=128k
mpv infile -o outfile.mkv             -ovc libx264 -ovcopts preset=medium,crf=23,profile=baseline -oac libvorbis  -oacopts qscale=3
mpv infile -o outfile.mp4             -ovc libx264 -ovcopts preset=medium,crf=23,profile=baseline -oac aac        -oacopts ab=128k
mpv infile -o outfile.mkv -of webm    -ovc libvpx  -ovcopts qmin=6,b=1000000k                     -oac libvorbis  -oacopts qscale=3

Get duration

mpv video.avi --no-audio --vo=null --frames=1 2>&1 >/dev/null | grep '^V: ' | head -n1 | sed 's|.*/||' | sed 's/(.*//' | xargs
find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 mpv --no-audio --vo=null --frames=1


mpv --sub-visibility=no video.avi
mpv --sid=no            video.avi


# In config file, Linux: ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf or Win32: ./portable_config/mpv.conf, where ./mpv.exe
# Redefine screenshot filename: filename (00:00:01.084) 0001.jpg
screenshot-template='%x\%F (%P) %04n'
# %x = same folder as the original video

# Always show total duration