File too large


  • Description: While running postfix suddenly some emails are not being sent out, bounce and one of the following error messages show up in the log:
Cannot update mailbox [...] error writing message: File too large
(Cannot access mailbox /path for user <user>. Error writing message: File too large)
  • Cause: This might be caused by the default allowed maximum size for a mailbox in postfix which is 50MB. Updating the mailbox will fail if the file size of the mailbox reaches this limit.

  • Solution: Either you decrease the filesize of the mailbox or increase the value for the maximum file size (up to limitless).

    Add the following line to the postfix configuration file (/etc/postfix/ and restart/reload the postfix service.

echo 'mailbox_size_limit = 0' >> /etc/postfix/
service postfix reload