Source Some packages are held by more than one repository. The priorities plugin choose packages from the highest-priority repository, excluding duplicate entries from other repos.


$ cat /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/priorities.conf


$ yum erase yum-plugin-priorities

Listing excluded packages

$ yum list updates -d3


[Errno -3] Error performing checksum


  • Description: This happened on a CentOS 5 host when running YUM against a pulp-server on CentOS 6. Running $ sudo yum makecache never finished without this error message and running Puppet did not succeed either.

  • Solution: "What this really means that yum is too stupid to calculate the sha256 checksum correctly (and also too stupid to give you a sensible error message like "Sorry, primary.sqlite.bz2 is using a sha256 checksum, but I don't know how to calculate that")."

    The fix is simple:

    (client)$ sudo yum install python-hashlib

    When running YUM against a pulp server, make sure the repository on a > CentOS 5.5 pulp server has been created with the right SHA setting (--checksum-type sha1)

    [...] [Errno -3] Error performing checksum


Show the last yum executions

$ yum history