Custom Splash Screen



  • Create a 16 Bit PNG image. Dimensions: 640x480. If you use text during the boot, reduce the image size, e.g. 640x320. Do not save the image directly from e.g. Gimp into NetpbmPPM. The image might end up only black and white and you'll loose your colors (if any).
  • Convert the PNG image into Netpbm PPM (*.ppm):
pngtopnm < <inputfile> > <outputfile>
  • Convert the Netpbm PPM to Syslinux LSS16:
ppmtssl6 "#000000=0" "#ffffff=7" < input.ppm > output.rle
  • Place the file into the tftpboot directory structe and link it relatively from your menu files

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