This page show different kind of plugs and information about them.


Plug Socket Name Volt(V)/Ampere(A) Description
image image Standard Plugg 230/13 European Standard plug
IEC 60309 Plug IEC 60309 Socket IEC 60309 blue 230/32
IEC 62196 Type 1 plug IEC 62196 Type 1 socket IEC 62196 type 1 CCS Combo, also called 'J1772 Connector', single phase charging.
IEC 62196 Type 2 plug IEC 62196 Type 2 Socket IEC 62196 type 2 CCS Combo, also called 'Mennekes connector'
IEC 62196-3 AA Plug IEC 62196-3 AA Socket IEC62196-3 AA Chademo connector, AA Configuration
IEC 62196-3 IEC 62196-3 IEC62196-3 FF CCS2/Combo2 connector (FF configuration)


Plug Socket Name Volt(V)/Ampere(A) Description
DIN41529 DIN41529 DIN 41529/2 Pin DIN ? Wikipedia