Remarkable 2

Password less SSH


For some reason I didn't get ssh-copy-id to work with the RM2.

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@ "cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys"

Custom templates




  • Template location on RM2: /usr/share/remarkable/templates.
  • Required size: 1404x1872 pixel
  • Two files:
  • PNG with non-transparent BG required.
  • SVG used on PDF export only.
  • Menu bar takes 120 pixels, left and top
  • Update of /usr/share/remarkable/templates/templates.json required:
- }
+ },
+ {
+ "name": "New template name",
+ "filename": "new_template",
+ "iconCode": "\ue9ff",
+ "landscape": "false",
+ "categories": [
+   "Lines",
+   "Grids",
+   "Custom"
+  ]
+ }
  • Restart xochitl afterwards:
systemctl restart xochitl


  • The PNG is shows on the device when the template is being used.
  • The SVG file will be used on the PDF export via USB. SVG must be in SVG 1.2 Tiny Profile
  • The iconCode is defined by /usr/share/remarkable/webui/fonts/icomoon.woff The code is used as a thumbnail image above the template name.
  • Categories can be used to create or join categories.
  • Use the filename without the extension in the json file.


When having issues with lines/font not correctly being removed, verify that the PNG file has been exported with a non-transparent background.