• CTRL+a c: New terminal
  • CTRL+a SPACE: next terminal
  • CTRL+a BACKSPACE: previous terminal
  • CTRL+a [x]: Switch to x'th terminal
  • CTRL+a ": Switch between terminals using the list.


  • CTRL+a |: Split vertically
  • CTRL+a S: Split horizontally
  • CTRL+a Q: Unsplit
  • CTRL+a TAB: Switch between splits

Screen sharing

Screen can be (misused) to share a terminal between multiple users on a host. For that to work one user has to initate a screen session and share (e.g. the session name) with the other users.

The following example creates a session with the name shared and another user then connects to it.

# create session and login
user1> screen -L -S shared

# create to session with different user
user2> screen -x shared

Alternative: byobu, tmux.