This unit is a NAS, used to storage some data. This article has been setup in a state of frustration after dealing with the setup of this box for two days and trying to provide some feedback to Synology.


When running the setup, ensure you do not have any other network cables connected to the interfaces than the one that you are actually using.

DSM Releases

  • There is no provided way to monitor new releases for DSM without subscribing to the synology newsletter. This contains also other (irrelevant) information.

Customer feedback

  • Don't waste your time on the customer feedback form. In my case it asked me to slide some box into a position after writing some content. I couldn't do it for 15 times, how matter I tried. In the end I gave up. If Synology does not want feedback, fine.

Serial connection

These are the settings for the serial connection:

Setting Value
Serial Line Com X
Speed 115200
Data bits 8
Stop bits 1
Parity None
Flow Controle None